Vid : Jonathan Siegrist dans "Algorithm" - 9a

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Jonathan Siegrist dans "Algorithm" - 9a

filmed & edited by: Andy Mann & Keith Ladzinski (3 Strings)
licensed music by: Marley Carroll (

Sponsored by: Maxim Ropes (

additional support provided by:
Climb On! (
Smith Optics (
Arc'teryx (

A short film documenting Jonathan Siegrist on the first ascent of Idaho's hardest route, "Algorithm" 5.14d (9a), on September 8th 2012.

"I could not fall. I think by the end I was screaming at every move - more nervous than tired - but definitely tired. I clipped the chains with swollen forearms and bleeding tips. 'Algorithm' 14d was born. Idaho's hardest pitch, and one of the proudest F.A.s of my career." - Jonathan Siegrist


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