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The Rocklands post

First week in Rocklands has passed like a freit train. The concentration of strong climbers is amazing, and the vibe is awesome. With cool temperatures and good weather on the way, no doubt some nice bouldering is on it's way.
Stay tuned for more, every sunday if the South African divinities of internet bless us with good connection.

This video features climbs done between june 26th and june 30th in the followig areas :
- 8 days of rain
- Kliphuis campground
- Kleinfontain
- Roadcrew
- Fortress

Second week of the trip with glorious conditions.
The amount of restdays is ridiculously low, and the psyche is hight. The highlights of the week have been the departure/birthday party for Melissa, and the pool-jump of Sakari to celebrate his first 7C ever. Nice job man !

Next week will see some exciting stuff happening, as an 8B is already on my memory card, and rumors of more strong climbers arriving. Stay tuned !

This video features climbs done between july 1st and july 7th, including :
- Ulan Bator : 7B
- The Arc : 8A
- Vlad the Impaler : 7C
- Take off your shoes : 5C
- The hatchling : 8A
- Teagarden Roof : 7C

Yet another week in Rocklands, where resting has been complicated by crazy good weather.

With sore legs and destroyed fingers, I'm happy to present you the first part of this week update including :
First repeat of Megalo, 8A+
Who the Fuck is Minky, 7C
(re)discovering Powerlines Area
Hole in One, 7C+
No Late Tenders, 7C+
Maniac, 7B

And here come part 2 !

Including :
Pinotage, 7B+
Shosholoza, 8A
Springbok, 7A+
Leap of Faith, 8A
The Quintessential, 8B
Creaking Heights, 6C+
Tries in Monkey Wedding, 8C

Few words required to introduce this week edition: highballs, hard climbs, motivation, inspiration.
Having a crew like Michele Caminati, Daniel Woods, Nalle Hukkataival, Dave Graham and Chad Greedy in the place helps too.
Congratulation to Jesse, Jackson, Nina and Martin for ending their projects this week with good style and after proud battles !

This video features :
- Born into Struggle, 7B+
- Full Tony's Tick, 8A
- El Corazon, 8B
- A Tea With Elmarie, 8A+ Flash
- Poison Dwarf Direct, 7C+
- Purple Nipple Clan, 8A
- Hole in One, 7C+
- Tore de Pisa, 7A+ FA
- Cedar Spine Sit, 7C
- Nutsa, 8A+

This one won't fit in the weekly updates. Amazing fight by Michele.
El Corazon is a classic highball put up by Daniel Woods a few years back.
Hands down the most impressive ascent I ever witnessed.

A quick recap of past week, that illustrates well what happens when you put a psyched crew of strong climbers in the middle of tons of good boulders. Next week video will be the last one for this season, with a present for you, footage of the first repeat of Oliphants Dawn* by sir Hukkataival.

This video features :
- Golden shadows, 8B+
- Pinotage sit, 7C Flash
- Springback (or a line near that)
- A Splash of Red, 7C+ Flash
- Orange Heart, 6C+
- In between dreams, 7C+

* holdless 8B+ put up by no one but Fred Nicole

 Last try best try !
For my last weekly update the crew has been on fire, putting up amazing new problems and repeating hard beautiful lines.
Sorry for the long wait and the low quality, but internet has been horrible with me lately. I'll replace it with full HD as soon as I arrive home.

This video features :
-Royksopp, 8A Flash
-Gliding through waves like dolphin, 8A first go
-Black Shadows, 8A+
-Brown Shadow 8A
-The flying Burito Brothers, 8B FA
-Peahi, 8A+ FA
-Oliphants Dawn, 8B+ first repeat

Stay tuned for more adventures soon !


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